About Francis


Francis is from Strasbourg in the Alsace region of France where he trained in Classical French Cuisine at the Lycée Hotelier, Charles de Foucauld.

After graduating he worked in hotels and restaurants in France, Germany, Portugal and Switzerland perfecting his skills and passion for food. Before coming to America, Francis had his own personal chef business “Un Chef a Votre Table” (translated to “A Chef at Your Table”) where he offered special occasion dinners and cooking lessons.

He has now brought his personal chef business of French-style cooking to Mendham and the surrounding areas.

Personal Chef Service


Have you the time and energy to prepare tasty, healthy meals every evening? By hiring Francis as your personal French chef, you will have the luxury of eating freshly prepared meals in your own home, specific to you and your family’s taste or special dietary need.

As your personal chef, Francis will take care to cater to you and your family’s preferences and any special dietary needs. He will plan the meals, shop and prepare all the meals in your kitchen and safely store them in your freezer. To learn more about this exceptional service and how it can enhance your daily life contact Francis for a free consultation.

Dinner Party/Special Occasions

Are you looking for a new experience to share with friends? Have you exhausted all the restaurant options close to home?

Francis will work with you to create a personalized menu for your dinner party or special occasion meal (2 to 8 people). As a classically-trained French chef who has worked in both restaurants and hotels in France, Switzerland and Germany he has a wide repertoire of dishes and will be able to create a menu specific to your taste as well as suggest wines to pair with each course. Once you have decided on the menu, Francis will purchase fresh, quality ingredients and will cook in your kitchen the afternoon/evening of the dinner party allowing you the time to relax and entertain your guests.

To make the event truly memorable Francis can share his techniques and secrets of the trade with you and your guests while preparing the meal in your kitchen.

Cocktail Parties

Delicious canapés/appetizers for small sized cocktail parties or events (up to 20 people).